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Sponge hardness

It is a light glide, but it can be stopped securely. Cloth mouse pad of New standard with high evaluation on the Internet. Easy to handle for everyone with satin texture.

| A light glide that overturns the conventional understanding of fabric

The glide is not influenced by humidity or perspiration. The fast initial movement, which has never been seen before in cloth, enables agile PC mouse operation

| Securely stopping despite a light glide

Glide and still stop is the biggest strength of "HIEN". The fine bumpy surface helps with the stopping motion.

| A satin-specific texture

The characteristic of satin is its fine bumpy texture. Among the products of ARTISAN, that fine bumpy texture is best felt on this surface.

| Easy to use for everyone

You'll also get used to it right away. Many people feel that it is easy to use.It is a long-selling product that has now become a standard for fabric products.


Surface Pearskin ( polyester)
Middle layer
Single foamed foam of special structure. Excellent flatness. Resistant to curl is strong. *Natural rubber is not included.
Perfect slip prevention performance by sucker structure.



24 x 21 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.
M 31 x 24 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.
L 42 x 33 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.
49 x 42 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.


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