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Sponge hardness

Fabrics densely knitted with thin thread realize a quick glide that can not be thought of as cloth. And a smooth slide. mouse pad of silky touch.

| Amaging ultra silky glide

Woven with fine threads, it glides more silky and light than any other fabric.

| High speed initial movement

The mouse starts to move smoothly. It slides so fast that it is hard to believe that it is made of cloth.

| Flat sliding feel with no unevenness

Accurate mouse movement without mouse movement posture disorder


Surface Knitte with thin threads ( polyester)
Middle layer
Single foamed foam of special structure. Excellent flatness. Resistant to curl is strong. *Natural rubber is not included.
Perfect slip prevention performance by sucker structure.



M 31 x 24 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.
L 42 x 33 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.
49 x 42 x 0.4 cm * MID is 3 mm thick.


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