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The Black Market

Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, Backcoated

Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, Backcoated

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For full roll and longer cut, delivery might take 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment.
  • WORLD'S BLACKEST FABRIC - This Rayon-based visible light absorbing flocked sheet achieves a world-class light absorption rate of 99.9% in the visible light spectrum, making it not only The Black Markets's blackest product but also the World's Blackest Fabric!
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY - This producut is backcoated with resin for durability and preventing pile-loss. Ideal for Photography/Videography backdrop, Darkroom, Art installations and Interior designs.
  • TRUSTED BRAND - Known for its the World’s Blackest Paint "Musou Black Paint", The Black Market is the one and only brand in the world that pursue their goal of creating high-quality ultra-black products.
  • ※During the manufacturing process, the fabric may contain a few flaws such as scratches or thread breaks. We will mark the edge of the fabric and add 7 inches of extra length for each defect.
  • ※As a drawback of the flocking process, little bits of particulates may be generated due to pile-loss, so it may not be suitable in environments where cleanliness is a top priority such as internal parts of precision equipment.



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