Z-saw Japanese Hand Saw for Ferrous Unhardened Materials IRON240

Style: IRON240 Saw
  • METAL HAND SAW - Designed for cutting ferrous unhardened materials like Iron inserted gutters, Iron frames and pipes with its sturdy cutting teeth.
  • MADE IN JAPAN - Produced by Z-saw, a leading pioneer in Japanese handsaw manufacturing, located in Miki, the heartland of the Japanese hardware industry.
  • ENHANCE YOUR WORK LIFE - This lightweight, handy saw is perfect for on-the-go tasks, making it a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
  • REPLACEABLE - The blades are replaceable, making it economical.
  • SPECS - Blade Length 225mm, Pitch 1.41mm, Thickness 0.70mm
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Style: IRON240 Saw